Vinyl records rating



Sleeve Condition

Record Condition



Record is still in its original packaging. sealed



Cover is like new, it is Simply no longer in its original packaging

Records is absolutely perfect, like new (condition rarely used)


Near Mint / Mint-

Cover is almost perfect, may have very slight signs of wear on corners or some light traces

Record is almost like new, almost perfect. No sign of wear and plays perfectly

EX +/-

Excellent +/-

Cover may have some slight scratches and / or small folds, slightly worn corners. A very nice clutch

The record is close to Near Mint, but will have some very fine and light scratches,  from the paper or handling or very slight marks, not affecting its listening quality.


Very Good +

Cover shows signs of wear such as folds or worn corners. It remains a beautiful cover, Pleasant to look at

Defects are usually superficial and do not affect playback quality. The disc may show some signs of wear and may have (very) slight scuffs, scratches that do not affect playback at all, or a few marks. The disc may be a bit warp (noted), but this will in no way affect its listening quality and the fact that it plays normally. This disc will suit many collectors because it remains a disc in very good general condition


Very Good

Cover is used with folds, marks, tears, wear of the edges, discoloration, the begining of a circular mark of the record on the cover

Scratches, marks, are more present in number. The record will play with noise (not predominate) the presence of light clicks and crackles. The condition of this disc remains pleasant


Very Good -

Cover is in a similar condition than VG-, but with more of pronounced defects

Condition is identical to VG but in a more pronounced way: scratches are present, plays with noise


Good +/-

Cover is damaged with tears, traces and signs of wear everywhere. Parts of the cover may also be missing

A worn record that will play with permanent background noise


sol = sticker on label


wol = writings on label


wos = writings on sleeve

Vinyl record rating: Sleeve / Record . All soundfiles comes from actual records for sale (unless stated)

Records are evaluated from the American GOLDMINE standard, based on the graduations: S - M - NM - EX - VG - G. We try to have the most accurate approach by evaluating the quality under a direct lamp. Record and thus position the rate in its correct position. Records shown in the photo are the ones you will receive. If you wish to have more photos or a sound extraxt of the record, please contact us by email.